Department of Finance, Banking, Insurance and Electronic Payment Systems

Teaching Staff

Rudyk Volodymyr 
Head of Department

Lavruk Vitaliy

Senishch Pavlo

Haybura Yulia

Fugelo Pavlina

Zelenskyi Andriy

Voloshchuk Vitaliy
doctor of economics

Gavrylyuk Vita

Pechenyuk Andriy
docent, assistant

 Training and support staff

Ohanesian Svitlana
senior laboratory assistant


Address of the Department of  Finance, Banking, Insurance and Electronic Payment Systems:
Khmelnytskyi region,
Institution of higher education "Podilskyi State University"
St. Shevchenko, 12, building 6.
Phone: (03849) 6-83-41
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Educational work of the department

        List of disciplines of  the department of  Finance, Banking, Insurance and Electronic Payment Systems:

  • Finance
  • Financial market
  • Market of financial services
  • Financial infrastructure
  • Finance of foreign corporations
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial activity of business entities
  • Financial and economic activity
  • Tax system
  • State taxation system
  • Banking systems
  • Investment analysis
  • Investing
  • Investment management
  • Investment lending
  • Organization of mortgage business
  • Foreign investments in agro-industrial complex
  • Enterprise (business) valuation
  • Business entity budgeting
  • Research methodology
  • Basics of financial and economic security
  • Money and credit
  • Finance, money and credit
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Tax Management
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Central Bank and Monetary Policy
  • Banking Operations
  • Insurance Services
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Management
  • Information Systems and Technologies in finance
  • Cost and price management
  • Treasury
  • Budget system
  • Budget management
  • Financial analysis
  • International finance
  • Local finance
  • Financial rehabilitation and bankruptcy of enterprises
  • Management of financial rehabilitation of the enterprise
  • Financial modeling of business processes
  • Theory of economic analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Project analysis
  • Analysis of economic activity
  • Organization and methodology of economic analysis
  • Financial management
  • Social insurance
  • State financial control.


Scientific work of the department

The topic of  the research work of  the Department of  Finance, Banking, Insurance and Electronic Payment Systems : " Ensuring the sustainable development of  the financial system of  Ukraine in the conditions of globalization".