Educational and Scientific Institute Of Energy

Director of the Institute

Liudmyla Mykhailova

PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor
(097) 374-01-58
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The Educational and Scientific Institute of Energy was established in 2019 to train highly qualified energy professionals to support the public and private sectors of the economy.

The purpose of the institute is to train high quality specialists and develop the latest energy-saving technologies, power tools, electrical technologies, automation systems, robotics, alternative power supply systems and their implementation in the national economy.

The institute trains bachelors and masters in the specialty 141 "Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics". Educational programs are developed taking into account current trends in the industry, due to the experience of foreign educational institutions.

There are 3 departments at the institute:

  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics and Electrotechnology;
  • Department of Energy Saving Technologies and Energy Management;
  • Department of Physics, Labor Safety and Environmental Engineering

There is a research laboratory "DAK GPS", which conducts practical research on the use of biomass and a branch research electrical laboratory, which conducts electrical measurements in electrical installations and electrical equipment up to 1000 V in carrying out work to protect the lives and health of citizens, safety control of working conditions.

The Institute of Energy has a high scientific potential, which is focused on research and identification of ways to increase the efficiency of energy supply, energy consumption and energy saving.

The main directions of scientific work:

  • research, modeling and optimization of power supply systems of agricultural enterprises;
  • reduction of energy consumption and automation of livestock and poultry production;
  • the latest methods of energy saving in agricultural production;
  • development of methods and electronic systems of electromagnetic technology for the treatment of animals and pest control;
  • development of control systems for process parameters;
  • development and research of alternative energy supply systems.