O. Alekseieva Research Institute of Cereal Crops

O.Alekseieva Research Institute of Cereal Crops is a structural unit of the University.

It was created on basis of Buckwheat Laboratory pursuant to order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Soviet Union №266 on August 22, 1972 under the leadership of a famous breeder, Doctor of Agriculture Science, Professor Olena Alekseieva, who practically developed the theoretical foundations and practical methods of buckwheat selection and seed production. In 1979 the Buckwheat Laboratory was reorganized into the Problem Buckwheat Research Laboratory.

In 1987 on the initiative of Professor Alekseieva, Ternopil Production and Research System "Buckwheat" was created, which included many agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union engaged in breeding strains of buckwheat, seed production, introduction of Podillia flexible cultivation technology of buckwheat.

In 1997 pursuant to order №9 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine dated 16.01.1997., the Research Institute of Cereal Crops was established on basis of the Problem Research Laboratory of Buckwheat and was named after the founder -  Professor Alekseieva in 2014.

 The structure of the institute includes buckwheat gene pool laboratory and laboratory of selection and seed production of buckwheat.

The main scientific activities of the Institute are such as:

- introduction, preservation and research of buckwheat gene pool in order to create a national embryonic plasma bank of the genus Fagopyrum;

- conducting research on genetics, breeding and seed production of buckwheat;

- development of agro-technical measures, implementation of their results in the production of effective assistance to producers in obtaining environmentally friendly products in a difficult surroundings;

- development of promising waste-free technologies for growing and processing buckwheat and other field crops, introduction of scientific researches into production;

- development of competitive technologies for growing cereals and introduction of knowledge-intensive biotechnological products;

- sale of buckwheat seeds and author's supervision over the introduction into production of strains and other completed scientific developments;

- combination of scientific and educational processes to ensure the training of highly qualified agronomic specialists.

The main tasks of the institute are believed to be such as:

- performance of scientific, research and exploration works for the development of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine;

- performance of paid works according to orders of the enterprises, the organizations and establishments;

- development of scientifically technologies for growing buckwheat;

- holding regional, national and international conferences, seminars, congresses on topical issues of creation and dissemination of modern competitive technologies in agriculture.

As a result of many years of comprehensive research, the staff of the institute has formed a unique collection of the world buckwheat gene pool. By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 22, 2004, № 1241 collections were entered into the State Register of scientific objects that constitute national heritage.

Today the team performs thematic tasks aimed at maintaining, preserving and developing the scientific object "Collections of the World Gene Pool of the Genus Fagopyrum Mill".

The buckwheat gene pool collection is widely used in research to create new promising strains of buckwheat.