Подільський державний аграрно-технічний університет

Valid Researches and Projects


  • Methods of quantitative determination of antibiotics by ELISA in samples of muscle (chickens and geese) and birds eggs using a test system for competitive ELISA MaxSignal ®Tylozyn (Cat. No.: 1026).
  • Laboratory diagnosis of animal diseases, particularly epizootiological, and diagnostic features of the diseases caused by single-celled parasitic microorganisms, availability of antibiotic residues in the macrolide carcass and poultry offal.
  • Double-pulse pneumatic rotational speed regulator of diesel engine.
  • Method of cultivation of ecologically pure buckwheat crops.


Joint project “International University Programmes” with Kernel Holding S.A, a leading diversified agribusiness company in the Black Sea region:

  • Free tuition
  • Acquisition of applied knowledge
  • Attending workshops on best practices
  • Adaptation to the demands of agribusiness
  • All-round development of students
  • Guaranteed employment at the Kernel Company