Department of Physics, Labor Safety and Environmental Engineering

Teaching Staff

Zbaravska Lesia ‑ Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Shutiak Oleksandr ‑ Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

Slobodian Serhii ‑  Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Suprovych Mykola ‑ Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Torchuk Mykhailo ‑ Candidate of Technical Sciences



Fedorenko Lesia ‑ Laboratory Assistant


The department has created groups that carry out research work according to the sections of the department's general theme: "Development of new pedagogical technologies in Higher Education" on the following topics:

 - The implementation of modern pedagogical technologies to improve the professional competencies of students;

- Theoretical foundations of life safety and the development of a labor protection management system for an agricultural enterprise;

- Pulsed electromagnetic biotechnology and electronic conservation systems for newborn animals;

- Modernization and improvement of the labor protection management system at enterprises and agricultural farms in Podillia region.