Scientific and pedagogical workers                        Junior service staff

RUD Anatoly Volodymyrovych

KOTOV Boris Ivanovych

HRUSHETSKYI Serhiy Mykolayovych

PAVELCHUK Yury Fedorovych

KORCHAK Mykola Mykolayovych

SOLOVEI Victor Ivanovych

BILYANSKY Dmytro Yuriyovych

DRYGULA Dmytro Mykolayovych

SHANDRUK Pavlo Andriyovych

SHURIPA Volodymyr Mykolayovych

image001On September 1, 2019, the department "Agroengineering and system engineering" was created by merging the two departments "Machine use in agriculture" and "Agricultural machines and mechanized technologies". The head of the department is Doctor of Philosophy in the field of technical sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Anatoly RUD. 


At the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Systems Engineering, students of higher education are trained in the following specialties: 208 – Agricultural Engineering, 201 – Agronomy, 206 – Horticulture, 015 – Vocational Education, 073 – Management, 281 – Public Management and Administration.

The department is equipped with general-purpose and multi-row tractors, which are used during laboratory classes and works in the scientific research garden of the university and the scientific research center "Podillia". The department operates specialized educational laboratories and branches of the department in production.

To ensure the educational process, the department has all the methodological support and a well-equipped diagnostic laboratory with diagnostic running drums for testing cars, a diagnostic stand for determining the traction properties of tractors, a diagnostic installation and a motor tester. On the territory of the department there are: a pavilion of agricultural machines and mechanized technologies, a hangar of tractors and cars, an agricultural machinery maintenance point, a technical diagnostics point, a laboratory for the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery named after D.F. Kaminina, a laboratory for technical maintenance and diagnostics of tractors and cars, agricultural machinery sites, a methodological office and an office for diploma and course design.

There are five laboratories in the pavilion of agricultural machines and mechanized technologies, in particular: the laboratory of tillage machines and tools, the laboratory of sowing and planting machines, the laboratory of machines for harvesting agricultural crops, the laboratory of machines for primary processing of crops, the laboratory of mechanization and electrification of agricultural production.

During lectures, laboratory and practical classes, scientific and pedagogical staff of the department use technical means: multimedia equipment (projector with a personal computer and a screen), lecture boards. Innovative methods of conducting classes using 3D technologies are being widely introduced.

In the laboratory of technical maintenance and diagnostics of agricultural machinery, unique equipment is installed for determining the technical condition of aggregates and nodes by a non-disassemble method. So, for a complete complex of diagnostics of automobile gasoline engines, the determination of power and fuel economy indicators without external loading devices is included. In addition, the training laboratory "Machines for preparing and distributing fodder", building 4, is equipped; laboratory "Modern and promising technology of the enterprise "Elworthy", building 4; laboratory "Milking equipment and primary processing of milk named after V.D. Kur'yanova" in auditorium No. 132, building 6.


Laboratory of milking machines

Laboratory of machines

for the preparation and distribution of fodder

While studying at the department of agricultural engineering and systems engineering, students of higher education have the opportunity to acquire the profession of mechanical engineer, agronomist and various working professions.

In order to improve the educational process, branches of the department were created, where laboratory and practical classes, industrial practices of higher education students, as well as professional development in the form of internships of scientific and pedagogical employees of the department are held. In particular, enterprises: private enterprise "Demetra", p. Kamyanka Kamyanets-Podilskyi District; "Kolos VS" corporation of Borshchiv district, Ternopil region; LLC "Adamivka Agro" Vinkovec district, Khmelnytskyi region; "VITAGRO" group of companies of Volochyskyi, Horodotskyi and Chemerovetskyi districts of Khmelnytskyi region; "Obolon-Agro" LLC, village Chemerivtsi of Khmelnytskyi region; open joint-stock company Horodotsk enterprise "Agrochem" of Khmelnytskyi region.

image003 image004

Laboratory of modern and promising agricultural machinery of "Elworthy" enterprises


The research work of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and System Engineering is carried out on the following topics:

RUD                                       – Research of soil hardness and development of tillage machines for  

Anatoly Volodymyrovych          their loosening.

– Theory and methods of training future agricultural specialists of non-engineering specialties in the mechanization, electrification and automation of agricultural production.

KOTOV                                  – Justification of the scientific basis of the intensification of heat and

Boris Ivanovych                          mass exchange processes during drying of plants, raw materials and grain.

HRUSHETSKYI                       – Mechanical and technological basics of improving the digging-

Serhiy Mykolayovych                 separating working bodies of machines for harvesting root vegetables.

PAVELCHUK                          – Development and improvement of working bodies of sowing and

Yury Fedorovych                        planting machines.

KORCHAK                            – Development of energy-saving technologies and machines for soil  

Mykola Mykolayovych              cultivation.

According to the results of research, scientific articles are published in the Skopus and Web of seins scientometric databases, as well as in professional and foreign publications; applications for obtaining patents are drawn up; reports are prepared for international, all-Ukrainian and university conferences.

Scientists of the department of agricultural engineering and systems engineering conduct farm contracting work and are involved in providing consulting services to farms of various types of agricultural formations. In recent years, under the leadership of Professor Rudy A.V. a contract work was carried out on the study of soil compaction on the lands of the corporation "Kolos-VS" of the Borshchyv district of the Ternopil region and the private enterprise "Agrarian Company 2004"" of the Volochysky district of the Khmelnytskyi region. As a result, recommendations on soil loosening were developed and handed over to the customer with substantiation of the economic and ecological effectiveness of the implementation of these measures.

image005 image006

Penetrometer for measuring soil density

Farm contract work on the study of soil compaction on the lands of the private enterprise "Agrarian Company 2004" in the Volochy district of the Khmelnytsky region continues successfully. Scientific leader of the subject, professor, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine RUD Anatoly Volodymyrovych. The amount of financing is 50,000 hryvnias.

In addition, the department annually provides consulting services to farms of various types of agricultural formations in the amount of 30,000 hryvnias.


Address of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Systems Engineering:

Khmelnytskyi region, Kamianets-Podilskyi, st. Hrushevsky Prospect, 2/8

Tel. (03849) 6 83 97. Tel. mob (097) 97 58 890

 E-mail of the department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.